nanoANQ EM (Chirp, CSS) 
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RTLS-Infrastructure Anchor With Unrivaled Range and Deployment-Scale

Chirp anchor PCBA daughter board with U.FL Connector

Product photography for the Inpixon nanoANQ Chirp PCB RTLS anchor.
The Inpixon nanoANQ Chirp PCB is an integration ready RTLS anchor circuit board for large-scale tracking use cases. With full time difference of arrival (TDoA) support, this printed circuit board offers a reduced footprint and allows users to expand existing installations with ease.

With unparalleled long ranges of up to 500 meters at 1 meter accuracy, the 2.4 GHz Chirp RF anchor generates and captures high precision location information and communicates sensor and context data while remaining synchronized with your whole RTLS network.

Technical Specifications
Signal Detection Rate: up to 900 blinks/second
Number of RF Channels: 2
Typical Range: up to 300 - 500 m (1)
Typical Location Accuracy: 1m (2)
RF Technology: Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS)
RF Output Power: Configurable -17 to +20 dBm
Receive Sensitivity (80MHz/1μs): -89 dBm
Transport Network: Ethernet 100 base TX
Power Supply: PoE (802.3af), micro-USB-B
IP Address: DHCP, Static
Operating Temperature range: -40 to +85 °C
Dimensions: 154 x 83 mm
Weight: apx 57 g

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