SN03SWAT - Node Configuration Device software

Node Configuration Device software 
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Article number TOP: SN03SWAT ~ swarm bee LE Node Configuration Device software
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nanotron swarm Node Configuration Device;SN03SWAT
Reconfiguration of swarmbee LE and ER wirelessly

Radio technology: Chirp & UWB

Included in package:
- NCD software

swarm Node Configuration Device (“NCD” for short) is a software tool to reconfigure remote swarm nodes wirelessly. The NCD software requires a local swarm node (swarm bee LE Dev. Board or swarm bee LE DK+ Board) connected to the PC.

Settings Corresponding to API Commands
The available settings in NCD correspond to swarm API command settings and are categorized according to API command groups, such as Node ID Settings.

Reconfigure Nodes Manually or via Script
In NCD there are two methods to reconfigure swarm nodes: manually or via script. If only one swarm node should be reconfigured, the settings can be changed one by one manually. If more than one node should be reconfigured with the same new settings, the script method can be used to save time and effort. In this case, the new settings must be pre-written into the script. Then it can be loaded after script mode is activated in NCD.

After ordering, an e-library account will be created and the NCD software can be downloaded.

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