KNRINT02XT - RTLS Integration Kit 8 nanoANQ XT

RTLS Integration Kit 8 nanoANQ XT 
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Article number TOP: KNRINT02XT - RTLS Integration Kit 8 nanoANQ XT
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KNRINT02XT - RTLS Integration Kit 8 nanoANQ XT

** This KIT does NOT contain the optional Tag Packs, so that needs to be ordered separately **

Fixed Location RTLS Kit - High throughput location solutions
Nanotron has simplified integration of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) with its new in-tegration kit.
The system combines good location accuracy, high throughput, together with an easy to use API and toolset package that allows rapid development of customized business ap-plications.
The Fixed Location RTLS Kit allows system in-tegrators to demonstrate the performance of nanotron RTLS, and to develop customized solutions for specific applications. The Kit consists of nanoANQ XTs and the software CD (nanoLES, MClient and VisiTool).
Optional nanoTAGs or swarm bee LE Development Kits provide an easy method to develop custom tag solutions.

RTLS anchors are infra-structure devices which are developed to read blinks and exchange payload while providing a fixed reference point. They are used to locate a tag position within a network of anchors. Through the wireless interface all these anchors support bidirectional data exchange with the nanoTAG’s.

Toolbox specification:
8x nanoANQ XTs
1x Software CD with nanoLES, MClient VisitTool ( preconfigured for 8 anchors)

Within the kit there is a software CD which contains nanoLES, MClient and VisiTool.
nanoLES (Location and Engine Server) communicates with nanoANQs, the MClient and the VisiTool. It determines the tag positions from
the raw location data received from the nanoANQs.
The MClient (Management Client) is an application connected to nanoLES to manage the hardware of the system, e.g. anchor discovery.

Ordering Information
The Fixed Location RTLS Integration Kit contains nanoANQ XTs and a software CD.
Additional RTLS-components listed in the table below can be ordered separately. What do you need to order?

BNUT01STP5: Tag Pack 5 tags – nanoTAG
BNUT01RXTP5: Tag Pack 5 tags – nanoTAG RX
BNSWABEEPTP5: Tag Pack 5 tags – swarm bee LE DK+ Board

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