PNPS01 - RTLS Tag Configuration Station (TCS)

RTLS Tag Configuration Station (TCS) 
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Article number TOP: PNPS01 - RTLS Tag Configuration Station (TCS)
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nanotron Tag Configuration Station (TCS); PNPS01
(CTonCfigSu)re Setup and Power Management Options of nanotron Tags

The nanotron Tag Control Station (TCS) is a hardware device used with a windows PC to configure options such as blink rates for nanotron tags. It has a USB port providing connection to the host computer. Supported operating systems include Windows 7 and Windows 8.
It is possible to configure different blink rates for both moving and stationary conditions on tags fitted with a MEMS (movement) sensor. It is also possible to set up movement thresholds allowing for different sensitivities in movement between moving and stationary conditions.

The main function of the TCS device is to optimize the blink rates, and power requirements for different application environments. It also allows setup of different transmission modes such as 80:4 mode. Power control for output PA power is also possible.

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