SNSWABEES - Swarm bee LE Sniffer

Swarm bee LE Sniffer 
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Article number TOP: SNSWABEES - Swarm bee LE V2 Sniffer including antenna
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nanotron swarm bee LE sniffer; SNSWABEES
Radio technology: Chirp

included in package:
- Swarm bee LE V2 DK+ board
- Chirp antenna
- sniffer firmware
- sniffer PC tool software

swarm bee LE V2 is nanotron’s second generation swarm product family combining flexibility and integration with enhanced power management, simultaneous support for collaborative and fixed location systems, all housed in a rugged module suitable for embedded industrial environments.

Integrated API
The integrated firmware swarm API enables customers to speed up development and get the products to market quickly.

Ranging & Communication
With nanoLOC swarm bee LE V2 radios can measure distance to each other using Time of Flight (TOF). At the same time, data can be exchanged between them.

Movement & Temperature Detection
The on-board MEMS sensor detects 3D acceleration and temperature changes. The sensor is controlled by swarm API.

RSSI Detection
RSSI values of signals from remote nodes are readable through swarm API.

Low Energy (LE)
With a new power management concept the radios can work in different power modes to optimize energy consumption and lengthen the battery lifetime. Power modes can be configured through swarm API.

swarm API
From version 2.1 onwards, the enhanced firmware swarm API supports three protocols – ASCII, BINARY and AIR - for direct communication between host and swarm radios as well as for reconfiguration of remote swarm radio nodes over the air. Using API commands, MEMS sensor data, RSSI value, battery level etc. of swarm radios can be accessed. Refer to [1] for a detailed description of API commands.

Power Supply & Power Management
A single 3.3 V supply voltage is required to operate the radio. Supply voltage tolerances allow for direct connection to a 3.6 V LiPo battery or 5 V USB. The swarm bee LE radio can go to sleep and only wake up periodically. The underlying power management con-cept enables the cooperation between the radios even if they sleep most of the time.

The swarm bee LE V2 radio is a fully integrated wireless node. It works in applications with both collaborative location technology based on TOF (ranging) and fixed location technology based on TDOA (time difference of arrival), and supports concurrent communication. Depending on application requirements, swarm bee LE V2 can be designed as a basic tag without host con-troller or as a smart tag with an external host. Refer to [2] for more information.

swarm bee LE V2 DK Plus board
swarm bee LE V2 Development Kit Plus (“DK Plus” for short) is an useful tools for users to get quick acquaintance with the basic functionality of swarm bee LE V2. The Dev. Board consists of a swarm bee LE V2 module, a header board and an antenna (see figure below).
The DK Plus board comes with antenna and swarm PC Tool which demonstrates ranging application, sensor monitor etc.

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